We haven’t stopped using scissors…

…but we have introduced a new tool which our clients love. Having your hair cut with claws is a new experience, but what people really appreciate is more easily manageable hair, more volume and hold.

Instead of using just one tool when cutting, we use eight at once. We’ve used the claws since the middle of January 2003, and can only say that this is the best new tool in decades.



Valentino is the name of the man behind this invention, which is becoming increasingly popular among hairdressers. The claws are suitable for all types of hair, from the thickest to the finest. the Hair Clawz help to control curls and tame waves, and add life to straight hair.

The new innovation within hair design

Cut and shaped by the touch of fingers

Customers love the result

We love the new technique

the Hair Clawz will be promoted and sold in Scandinavia by Grazette Hair Collection

Hair Clawz have now been featured in a large number of publications and TV programmes in Sweden and in Denmark. We have also appeared on several radio programmes to talk about this fantastic innovation. This is a cutting edge tool that is here to stay.


Cut and shaped by the touch of fingers



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